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Photography Guide 101 is hands down the most comprehensive app in the marketplace to learn photography. Unlike other similar apps, this one is built for beginners and experts alike! Full of tutorials, cheat sheets, tips-tricks, and guides straight from the most renounced photographers of various fields.

Brought to you by an extensive community of photographers and photography enthusiasts constantly trying to expand the circumference of their knowledge. Now you too get to experience the immersive and exciting photographic adventures with them.

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Photography 100%

Learning Photography Was Never So Easy!

Daily Feed & Inspiration

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We keep you over loaded with awesome content every day. Handpicked inspiring photographs, stories of successful paparazzos. Interviews and documentaries of award winning photographers. The thing is that we are not going to let your passion of clicking beautiful pictures die ever. Photography Guide 101 helps you keep your camera where it belongs (on a rusty tripod in remote alps or pointed towards gorgeous models in handsomely illuminated studios).

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Gear Guide & Deals

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Picking up the right camera or the right tripod can be a pretty hectic given the amount of choice on shelves. Photography Guide 101 App has got you covered, it’s extensive lists of recommended gear and regularly updated deals from trusted eCommerce websites helps you make the right purchase every time. Other noteworthy features include –

  • Curated content for efficient and accelerated learning.

  • Loaded with high resolution eye candy pictures.

  • Ability to mark interesting content as favourite.

  • Everything unlocked and free. No locks no chains.

  • Get your work showcased in “Picture of the day”

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